Modern Bathroom Design Ideas.

With functionality becoming a crucial requirement in modern life, it is interesting to see how modern bathroom design is changing to accommodate these functional needs.  Many people are now creating new bathroom design ideas that incorporate personal styles and devices.  A key difference in contemporary bathrooms is the focus placed on functionality and ease of use.  Many homeowners are now looking to create contemporary bathrooms that will help them age in place.

Bathroom fixtures that take into consideration the needs and requirements of homeowners in the long-term are gaining in popularity.  No-threshold showers along with comfort-height vanities and side-mounted taps help homeowners to remain independent for longer.  Curbless showers are particularly popular as they are easier to clean and make your bathroom space seem bigger.  It is because of these reasons that many people are tearing out old built-in bathtubs to create easy and functional wet rooms.  This simple change can help to completely modernise dated bathroom spaces.

Another key difference is the emphasis placed on modern bathroom accessories.  Whether it’s for relaxation purposes or practical reasons, having electronic accessories in the bathroom is becoming more commonplace.  Devices like docking stations, Wireless speakers and Bluetooth devices are being incorporated in mirrors, vanities and even showerheads.  This is a reflection of the amount of time we now spend ‘switched on’ using mobile devices.  These little differences could transport your bathroom into a Pinterest-worthy space.

If you’re interested in these functional changes and ideas, why not contact us today at to discuss how we can help reinvent your bathroom space, incorporating personal touches to make sure you stay happy for years to come.  We specialise in creating fantastic bespoke bathrooms, which are tailored to meet your personal needs.  If you’re looking to discuss your bathroom design ideas in person you can visit us at our Glasgow-based bath store today!

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