We tend to offer a bathroom installations Glasgow service but sometimes customers simply require some tips on how they can brighten up an existing room. En-suite bathrooms tend to come under this category so we thought we would come up with a few ideas as to how you can breathe some life into a stagnant room.

En-suite bathrooms can often be dark, boring and uninspiring. There are some good ways to remedy this, even if you don’t have any windows to add any natural light. These tips are designed for en-suites that are perhaps extremely small or do not have any windows at all!


  1. Reflection is Key – This is a great tip and we find that it helps add some “artificial space” to your room. Adding reflective surfaces or even extra mirrors can add an extra dimension to your room and works really well if you have the wall space for it. Try not to display mirrors across for your main one as this can get that infinite mirror effect going. Mirrored accessories are also available in many retail outlets and can help add an illusion of space to your room.


  1. Creating the Perfect Light – No windows? No problem! While artificial lights cannot always replicate the complete effect of natural light, they can do a pretty stellar job if you position them correctly. The overhead light is a thing of the past and clever wall lights and candles are the key to creating good lighting without taking up too much counter space.


  1. Quirky Furnishings – This won’t appeal to everyone but adding some unusual furniture is a great way to add character to a dull or dingy bathroom. Even small additions such a small chair or strange accessory can really add some personality to your room. Our bathroom installations Glasgow service will always try to leave as much space as possible so that you can make your own additions.


  1. Smart Decorating – If you are the homeowner (obviously don’t do this if you are renting) then painting everything in the one colour will visually give you more space. When we say everything we mean EVERYTHING – walls, ceiling, floor and even the lights should emit the same colour to help create that perfect environment.


  1. Adding Life – Most people will agree that adding plants to a bathroom is the key to adding some life to the room. Literally. Windowless bathrooms can still benefit and there are plenty of air plants on the market that will thrive in your en-suite. Adding fresh flowers occasionally can also have a massive beneficial impact to your room.


These are just a few tips that you can use to help you reinvigorate a dull en-suite but if you are looking for a completely new bath room then you may want to check out our bathroom installations Glasgow service where we can install the perfect en-suite for you. Get in touch or check out our work here.


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