How to Make the Most of Your Bathroom Space

At first glance, it may seem that the bathroom in your home is the dullest and least-fashionable space, simply designed for functionality.  Why not let your imagination run free and make it your mission to turn your bathroom space into a calming and tranquil environment, which emanates style and elegance.  One of the central trends we are seeing for bathroom designs ideas in 2017 is the synthesis of fashionability and functionality.  As this is a room that can’t be easily changed, it’s important to invest in a colour, style and finish that you’ll love for years to come.  Here at Clan Property Solutions, we’ve put together some of the biggest bathroom décor trends for you to consider for any bathroom renovations you are looking to complete in 2017.

If you’re desperate to create the pinterest bathroom ideas you constantly search for, you should definitely keep reading!  One of the main trends we’ll see in 2017 is creative layouts and tiling.  With budgets stretched, using inexpensive tiles in different and unique layouts can update and elevate any bathroom space.  White subway tiles are becoming a classic staple in any stylish bathroom as they provide an instant face-lift to tired-looking bathroom spaces.  Creative and clever tiling can transform dull and outdated spaces with minimal effort.  Why not try using shaped tiles, like hexagons and triangles to give your bathroom a new lease of life!

If you’re dealing with a small bathroom space, why not start using some savvy and smart storage options.  Open shelving will continue to be a popular bathroom trend and can help you maximise and make use of your current bathroom space.

If you’re looking to completely renovate your bathroom or simply want to discuss some bathroom ideas, here at Clan Property Solutions we’re always happy to lend a hand.  Contact us at or feel free to visit us at our Glasgow-based bath store to begin your bathroom transformation today!

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